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AS OF 8/15/15

Jay Pickett co-starred on NCIS Los Angeles

Steve Eastin appeared on the Academy Awards for the third time in three years.

Hannah Marie Hines starred in the Hallmark film Heaven Sent and appears in a new Honda spot

Alex Saxon is a regular on The Fosters and the new MTV series Finding Carter

Dominic Musiol is recurring on Community

Paul Renteria The Lavuganza Project, American Dream, Water and Power

Mark Griffin starred in the title role of the BBC  miniseries “Lancelot”

Shayne Eastin co-starred in the feature  “Hard Sun”

Myron Natwick starred in “Hard Sun” and shot a miniseries in Nova Scotia

Robyn Buck starred in “Hard Sun” and is appearing in The Pliant Girls at The Fugitive Kind Theater

Alex Saxon continues as a regular on “The Fosters” and just had his series for MTV picked up.

Dan Starbuck’s series will begin shooting in Louisiana in late summer ’14

Karen Strassman appeared in six episodes of “Weeds.”

Floyd Foster appeared in “CSI: Los Angeles.”

Steve Eastin guest starred in “Legit” and a Vitamin Water commercial with Kevin Hart

Mary Mather co-starred in “Hard Sun.”

Philip Samuels starred in “Hard Sun.”

Travis has added The Israel Tourist Board to his lengthy list of Voice clients.

Adam Roa guest starred on “NCIS LA.”

Travis narrated the DVD release of “World War Z” and “Iron Man Three.”

Alex Saxon guest starred in the first episode of the Showtime series “Ray Donovan.”

Mandi Forehand co-starred on “CSI: New York.

Steve Eastin is guest starring on the F/X show “Legit.”

Deirdre Wall can be seen in the film “Guns Don’t Kill People.” She was also in the series “Pretend Time.”

Mark Griffin recently appeared in two episodes of Dr. Who.

Hannah Marie Hines was most recently seen in the L.A. Premiere of the play Coronado written by Dennis Lehane (author of Mystic River,Gone Baby Gone, ShutterIsland). She also justwrapped production on the indie short film 7 Days in which she plays the leadrole.

Dominik Musiol is recurring on the T.V. show “Community.”

Robyn Buck just finished ads for Zip Car and Apple. She also just wrapped an independent film.

Steve Eastin is working on the film “Bent Arrow” as well as the television show “In Plain Sight.”

Nik Tyler’s episode of “Melissa & Joey” was nominated for a Sid Caesar Comedy Award. He is currently filming a part in a comedy feature film starring Bryan Cranston.

Floyd Foster Guest Starred on Criminal Minds. You can also see him in the hit viral video “Balrog: Behind the Glory.”

Karen Strassman has been working on the hit show “Weeds” and is currently working in the film “Lie with Me.” She has also recently guest starred on “Touch.”

Tom Druilhet appeared in Operation Terror.

Bo Keister recently appeared in “Reunion 108” and “Gallery of Guns.”

Ty Kopp appeared in “The Boarder” and “Operation Terror.”

Gracemarie Serafina Cretella just wrapped production on “Lucky Charm” for which she Produces and Stars. Dee Wallace, Todd Worden, Megan Vickers, and Theresa Grasso also star.

Alex Saxon just finished finished shooting lead roles in the films “Compound Fracture” and “Chapman.”

Shayne Eastin has appeared on stage monthly in “An Evening with Rob Zabrecky” at the Steve Allen Theater.

Isaiah Mustafa’s commercial for Old Spice is going through the roof.  Watch him on Ellen!  You may have even seen him get the news himself on Oprah, but Isaiah also booked a part in the upcoming film version of For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf.

Eastin Studio Student Isaiah Mustafa
Isiah Mustafa in Old Spice Commercial

Karen Strassman booked Criminal Minds, Desperate Housewives, and  Big Time Rush.  Her Criminal Minds episode will air May 12th, and it sounds like a must see!

Brian Kuback booked a national commercial for Ford.

Christine Avila booked a national commercial for Chevy.

Jennifer Frappier booked a Comcast commercial.

Marco Aiello booked a recurring character on the Nickelodeon hit Victorious.

Tommy Druilhet, following last years success in Polanski, has been cast in Resurrection of Serious Rogers, Shadows in Paradise, and The Death of Socrates.

Kimi Reichenberg has returned from Sundance, where Rob and Valentyna in Scotland was received with raves.  Kimi appeared as the titular Valentyna.

Michael Roderick just guest starred on Saving Grace.

Steve Eastin shot a big campaign for Subaru.

Brian Kubach is on a roll. After starring in Anaconda 3-D with Richard Dreyfuss, he booked a guest starring role on Chuck and a ‘top of the show’ guest star on NCIS.

Steve completed ADR work on “Up in the Air” with George Clooney. The highly anticipated film will be the major release from Paramount this fall.  He also starred in an off beat short film called “Jesus Comes to Town.”

Marco Aiello and Jacqueline Scheck completed lead roles in “Heat,” a short film for the prestigious Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara.

Myron Natwick was been cast in the recurring role of Conan O’Brien’s father on The Tonight Show.

Jessica Randle appeared on How I Met Your Mother.

Shaun Russel guest starred on Chuck and Sons of Anarchy.

Kazumi Aihara guest starred on Bones.

Gena Shaw guest starred on House.

Nik Tyler guest starred on ER, CSI features Bold Native and Freeway Killer.

Kati Sharp booked two independent feature films.

Christine Avila guested on ER and has been offered a Broadway run in the Tony award winning Into The Heights.

Patricia Shanks is voicing for Honda.

Dierdre Wall guested on Parks and Recreation.

Jay Pickett guested on Saving Grace.

Voice artist Travis is narrating for Honda, and the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Locker 13, which stars Victor Campos, and Steve along with Rick Schroeder, is travelling the festival circuit.

Steve Eastin just returned from St. Louis where he filmed the Jason Reitman/ Paramount feature Up in The Air with George Clooney.

Isaiah Mustafa was flown to New York to test for One  Life To Live.

Jackie Nico is shooting a music video.

Jason Marsden is directing an episode of Locker 13.

Tom Druihlet appeared on General Hospital.

Michael Rodrick just completd six epesiodes of 24.

Kazumi Aihara booked Heroes.

Sammi Isadifar booked on Days of Our Lives.

Christine Avila guested on Raising the Bar.