Studio News

Steve’s article, ‘Something to Not Think About’, published in Back Stage this February, is a must read for anyone looking to gain insight into this powerful way of working.

UPDATE 6/1/14

I know it’s been a while. Here at the Studio, we are more interested in working than talking about working. It’s been a wonderful year. Five students, Robyn Buck, Myron Natwick, Mary Mather, Philip Samuels and Shayne Eastin saw their film Hard Sun premiere at Graumann’s Chinese Theater on May 30th. Alex Saxon continues as a regular on The Fosters, while simultaneously appearing in a new M-TV series. Alex Sanborn continues pitching in a national commercial for Geico. Steve Eastin guest starred in Legit and has a Vitamin Water spot starting to air with Kevin Hart. Paul Renteria appeared in critically acclaimed Water and Power. Dominik Musiol has attained literary representation out of our Screen Writing Workshop being taught by the amazing Micky Levy. Dan Starbuck’s series has been picked up. Filming begins in Louisiana in late summer. I’m gonna try to stay more on top of this.


UPDATE 7/20/13

The first two guest stars on the breakout series Ray Donovan both study at the Studio, Collin Christopher and Alex Saxon. Collin appeared in the pilot “Bag or the Bat” and Alex turned in an Emmy quality performance as the troubled pre-op transsexual in the second episode. Collin also just b00ked another national commercial.

 premiers her short film “Lucky Charm” July 27 in Pasadena. The film also features Studio members, Steve Eastin, Dee Wallace, Todd Worden and Megan Vickers.


Robyn Buck’s new film “Hard Sun” has been completed . The film also stars Studio members Shayne Eastin and Myron Natwick.


Steve Eastin was in Nashville July 1o for the premier of his film “Watercolor Postcards.” The film also stars Jonathan Banks, John C. McGinley, Cornrad Goode and Tony Award winner Laurabell Bundy. Steve also debuted his new song for the film “You Ain’t Seen Nothin'” on famous honkytonk row in Nashville.


Hannah Marie Hines national commercial has begun it’s run.


Update 3/15/13

The first quarter of 2013 finds the Studio the busiest ever. Two feature films are currently casting here, based on the quality of work they’ve observed. Albert Kodoglian cast Robyn Buck, Desiree Gagnon and Jacqueline Real in his feature “Re-make.” Albert worked with Ridley Scott in London, where he won a BAFTA.

Micky Levy (Rails and Ties, Amish Grace) continues teaching the screenwriting workshop every other Sunday. The fourteen writers enrolled have all finished first drafts of their projects. Micky has been bringing in very exciting guest speakers, including lit agents, writers, directors editors and financiers. She also is gearing up to direct her first feature.

Elise Hodge and EMH Productions continues to do a stellar job with our CD Workshops. She set a new record this month with six. The response to the Studio work from the casting directors has been terrific.

Paulette Williams, Hannah Hines, Doug Hurley, Mary Mathers, Gena Shaw, Collin Christopher, Rick Fitts and Floyd Foster all have national commercials running.

Windsor Harmon and Lindsey Morgan continue their day time drama careers. Dimitri Diatchenkojust returned from shooting three features in Romania. Sadie Alexandru continues on Mad Men. She and actor/comedian Mike Dolan met at the Studio a few years back and they’re making it official this summer. Michael Rodrick starred in a feature with Ray Liotta. and guest starred in the pilot for Criminal Minds. Denice Lee just starred as Yoko Ono in the documentary drama John and Yoko. Kyle Slabotsky recently starred in his first feature with David Arquette. Chapman University, The New York Film Academy, USC Film School, AFI and other film schools continue to turn to the Studio to find quality actors.



UPDATE 12/28/12

The Studio comes to the end of 2012 on a high note. Steve Eastin starred in the two part conclusion of the TNT series In Plain Sight, as well as starring in the feature film Bent Arrow. He also lensed a national UPS spot for legendary director Joe Pytka.  Karen Strassman starred in four episodes of Weeds. Paulette Williams booked  a national Buick commercial. Hannah Hines booked a spot for Toyota. Sadie Alexandru continues her re-curring role on Mad Men. Shayne Eastin appeared in Holiday High School Reunion. She also appears with Robyn Buck, who has the lead in the independent film Hard Sun. Mandi Forehand just completed a co-starring role on CSI New York. Denise Lee will be portraying Yoko Ono in the independent film John and Yoko. Filming begins the first week in January ’13.  Alex Saxon completed starring roles in two feature films in 2012. Callie Cleaves produced the festival film Perfect Day starring studio veterans Kimi Reichenberg and Brandon Robinson, who also wrote the project. Dimitri Medvedev spent most of 2012 in eastern Europe where he filmed three features.  Kyle Slabosky starred in a feature with David Arquette. Michael Rodrick starred in the pilot for Major Crimes. Gracemarie Serafina Cretella produced and starred in the festival film Lucky Charm, which also featured studio veterans Todd Worden, Megan Vickers and Dee Wallace. Annie Murphy  starred in an MTV Movie. Dominik Musiol continues to re-cur on Community.

Screenwriter and director Micky Levy (Rails and Ties, Amish Grace) has been teaching an ongoing screewriting workshop at the studio. In the most recent session, a reading of Dominik Musiol’s new television pilot was held. Many more student writing projects are nearing completion. Micky has brought in an amazing array of guest speakers including screenwriters, literary agents and directors.

Steve Eastin was honored by his alma mater The University of Northern Colorado in 2012. He was named a Distinguished Alumni of the school, joining luminaries such as author James Michener. Less than two hundred graduates of the university have received this honor in its 140 year history.

Elise Hodge and EMH Productiions had a great year with studio Casting Director Workshops. Numerous students received auditions and several booked work.  The Studio averaged 3 to 4 workshops per month

Mark Harmon, a former class mate of Steve’s at The Charles Conrad Studio stopped by the Studio and provided much good advice and inspiration to current students. Mark is executive producer and star of the two top rated dramas on television, NCIS and NCIS LA.

Lindsay Benner appeared on The Jay Leno Show. Michael Rodrick just finished a starring role in the new Ray Liotta feature. Karen Strassman appeared on Criminal Minds. Marco Aiello contiunues to re-occur on Victorious. Brandon Robinson booked a national Subaru spot and a regional spot with Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns. Isaiah Mustapha has broken huge as the Old Spice Guy. He’s just finished a new Tyler Perry film and has been signed to a development deal by CBS. Steve Eastin just completed three episodes of Dexter, shot a national UPS spot and has completed post production on a starring role in the new 50 cent film Things Fall Apart. Gena Shaw has a Bud Light running. Brian Kubach has a nice role in Piranha 3D and has a Ford spot on the air. Nik Tyler’s festival film continues to rack up awards across the country as does Kimmy Reichenberg’s. Todd Worden has become the go to guy at AFI as he has just completed his third consecutive lead there. Tom Druihlet just completed his second feature in Louisiana. Dee Wallace just completed a guest star role on Detroit 187. Shaun Russel has co-starred on three network series this year.  Micky Levy has been nominated for a Humanitas Award for her Lifetime movie about the Amish school massacre.

Student David McWhirter just completed directing his second episode of The Closer.

The Studio will be back in session the first Wednesday in January 2013.  The class schedule continues to be Wednesday and Thursday at 11am and Wednesday night at 7:30pm.